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Barbara Perez is All About Skin's Acne Specialist, treating clients locally as well as through out the U.S. and beyond.  Barbara brings a wealth of experience and knowledge and clearly mastered the ability to swiftly clear mild, moderate and severe acne for both teens and adults.  She has created a highly effective acne treatment program which provides each client with an opportunity to quickly clear their skin without the use of antibiotics, topical, prescriptions, laser or Accutane.

In the first steps to clearing acne Barbara educates her clients on what acne really is, how to properly care for their skin and to understand the changes needed in order to eliminate acne triggers from their lifestyle, environment and personal care routines and providing personalized expert guidance and support on their way to clear skin.

Barbara has studied and worked briefly under the instruction of noted acne experts who have treated numerous acne clients and have shared their knowledge and protocols.  Her Paramedical Esthetics training was with renowned acne research Dermatologist, Dr. James Fulton Jr., M.D., PH.D., one of the most renowned acne experts in the world, co-developer of Retin A, scientist who brought Benzoyl Peroxide to the world of skin care, and founder of The Acne Research Institute.   She also worked for local Dermatologist's for numerous years where my it soon became my passion for patients who struggled with acne to achieve completely clear skin.

The clients at All About Skin Acne Clinic experience acne free, radiant and healthy skin.  

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