Eye Lash Extensions

iLASH by Barbara

where beautiful ilashes can be yours 24/7



An intro to eyelash extensions, perfect for first timers, this subtle enhancement will give your eyelashes a boost, tease'em with a bit of length.



Multiple strands of 2 - 3 extremely soft, fine lash extensions are applied to one, single isolated natural eyelash, allowing to create volume.



A re-lash service where every lash is examined for growth and removed/replaced as needed after your initial appointment.  A Re-Lash keeps your lash extensions looking consistently great!  Your lashes are naturally shedding, so the need for a re-lash will vary depending on your "natural eyelash cycle" and how well you take care of your lash extensions.  Re-Lash services do not include make-up removal.

NOTE:  Arriving with less than half the lash extensions will not qualify for re-lash pricing.

Volume Re-LASH 2 weeks   $100

Volume Re-LASH 3 weeks   $130

If you want to go back to "au natural", we're here to help, there is no need to worry about damage

LASH Removal   $40+